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15% Off Kitagawa Chucks in December

13 Dec 2016

15% Off Kitagawa Chucks in December image

For the month of December, 1st Machine Tool Accessories are offering 15% off the price of any Kitagawa chuck. Orders must be recieved by Thursday December 22nd to be eligible. The range of Kitagawa chucks is extensive, and presented here is a short overview of what chucks can be offered.

For over half a century, Kitagawa products have inspired confidence in customers all around the world. The Kitagawa series of power chucks is wide-ranging and so technologically advanced that we can offer solutions for all machining conditions, no matter how punishing. Manufacturing systems with exceptional quality controls ensure the production of highly precise and superior products, which guarantee trouble-free operation. Kitagawa’s unique innovations in workholding solutions, supported by highly specialised design teams and a proven history of excellence, shows our capacity to challenge the world of engineering.

Kitagawa Open Centre Chucks

The B200 is the world’s most popular chuck series and is globally recognised as the standard for which all other chucks are compared. The BB200 series has a larger through hole, allowing larger diameter parts to be turned. The QJR Quick Jaw Change series of chucks allows jaws to be changed in seconds, and uses the same standard jaws as the B200 series. The 2-Jaw BT200 series chucks are ideal for irregular shaped components. We also supply other open centre chucks to suit different needs, for example with longer jaw stroke, pull back clamping action, and more.

Kitagawa Closed Centre Chucks

If a thru-hole isn’t required, Closed Centre chuck options are also available. The N series is the closed centre equivalent to the B200 series. If gripping rectangular parts the 4-jaw HW series is the best choice. Of note, the HW series requires a special double piston cylinder to operate, as the 4-jaws do not actuate together, but rather operate as two distinct two-jaw operations. This is because if all 4 jaws actuated at the same time you would only be able to grip a part that was perfectly square; by splitting into a 2 + 2 actuation you are able to grip the full range of rectangular shapes. For vertical lathes the NV Vertical Chucks are the largest that Kitagawa have to offer, with diameters up to 1 metre. There is also the single jaw MLV range of chucks, for when you have a truly unique workholding requirement. With its exceptionally long jaw stroke, this is best suited for jig work fixturing. There are further closed centre chucks to choose from, with longer jaw stroke, two jaw options, and more.

If your workholding requirements cannot be met with a standard chucking system, the range of specialty chucks on offer are sure to be of interest.

Kitagawa Special Purpose Chucks

FG series Finger Chucks are for clamping onto the face of a component. They are ideal for thin walled workpieces that may distort if clamped using a standard chuck. The PW Power Wing series chucks feature high radial grip, plus a powerful pull-back action - a combined jaw motion which allows tapered castings and rough forgings to be clamped securely. The PU Pull Lock series is designed for gripping the outside diameter of work with a radial grip along with a simultaneous axial drawing action. PUE series Pull Lock chucks grip internally and exert a strong pull-back action to prevent component lift, making them particularly suitable for auto-loading applications.

15% Off Kitagawa Chucks in December

All of these chucks and more are available with a 15% discount for the month of December. This offers applies only to Kitagawa chucks, and orders must be recieved by Thursday December 22nd to be eligibile.

If you would like more information about Kitagawa chucks and how they could be relevant to your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com to speak to a member of our technical team or arrange a FREE visit from one of our technical representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.