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A Kitagawa Rotary Table For Any Occasion

21 Mar 2017

A Kitagawa Rotary Table For Any Occasion image

Kitagawa Rotary Tables feature proven technology with high clamping torque, high accuracy, and high rigidity. With a wide range of tables to choose from there is a huge amount of flexibility on offer to meet whatever needs your machine shop may require. A rotary table is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way of increasing the capabilities of your machining centre, allowing you to increase accuracy, decrease cycle times, and machine more complex parts.

High Clamping Torque

Kitagawa GT200 Rotary Table

The GT Series of rotary table offer a higher clamping torque than standard, making it extremely capable of withstanding high cutting loads. Productivity is further enhanced by the tables' robust yet compact design, which allows maximum metal removal rates to be combined with high indexing accuracy and repeatability. The GT Series also features a rapid clamping action for reduced cycle times and maximum production throughput.

5th Axis Machining

Kitagawa TT150 Rotary Table

Kitagawa's TT Series of tilting rotary indexers meet the needs of more complex workpiece and machining configurations, making it easy to add 4th and 5th axes capabilities to standard machining centres.

All Kitagawa 5-axis rotary tables are available with a built-in rotary joint if required, simplifying the pipework that would be needed for using a power chuck. Kitagawa's extensive range of power chucks when combined with the range of rotary tables allows for a huge amount of flexibility in your machining environment.

Trunnion Assembly

Kitagawa CK160 Rotary Table with Trunnion

At just 99mm deep, the body of the Kitagawa CK160 Rotary Table has a smaller footprint than any other model on the market. The ultra-compact 4th axis provides manufacturers with a larger machining envelope on any size of machine.

The thin profile makes the CK Series uniquely designed for use with a trunnion assembly, as it frees up more space allowing for a larger trunnion bed. Furthermore, the CK range are also available with in-built rotary joints with no increase in size, granting the ability to actuate workholding on the trunnion itself without any extraneous piping getting in the way.

See the rotary tables in action

If you want to see these rotary tables in action they will be on display on the 1st MTA Stand at Southern Manufacturing 2017 that's taking place right now in Farnborough until Thursday 23rd March, Stand P110. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you aren't able to make it to the show but would like more information about Kitagawa Rotary Tables, you can contact us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com and arrange a FREE visit with one of our technical representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.