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How Much Money Are You Throwing Away?

22 Aug 2017

How Much Money Are You Throwing Away? image

The Wogaard Coolant Saver collects the cutting-fluid that is normally wasted through the machine tool's automatic chip conveyor. The cutting fluid is reclaimed from the chip-container and returned to the machine tool's main tank for re-use.

Wogaard Coolant Saver

How Much Money Are You Throwing Away?

The Wogaard Coolant Saver can save up to 90% on the costs of waste coolant disposal. Why throw away perfectly good coolant when the Wogaard Coolant Saver can cheaply and easily reclaim it for continued use? Furthermore, it saves the considerable time spent by employees handling the cutting fluids, and the chip-containers are dry when emptied, which prevents the chance for spillage.

On top of the obvious monetary gains that can be found by re-using the coolant, there are other great benefits too. There is a significant reduction in the time wasted topping up the oil in the sump of the machines, the risk of neat oil being spilt or leaking on to the shop floor is negated, and less time is spent vacuuming oil out from the skips.

Easy to install and virtually maintenance free, the Wogaard Cooland Saver is driven by the machine tool's onboard coolant pump and utilises the venturi effect to generate a vacuum, so no external energy source is required. The Wogaard Coolant Saver is a low-cost solution, ensuring an ROI well below 6 months. Inputting your own figures into our Wogaard Return on Investment Calculator will show how quickly it will pay for itself and start saving you money.

Save Your Oil

Specially designed and developed to cope with higher viscosity neat oil cutting fluids is the Wogaard Oil Saver, that is perfect for use with some fixed and all sliding headstock turning centres, as well as gear hobbers, broaching, and honing machines.

Wogaard Oil Saver

The Wogaard Oil Saver works in the same way as the standard Wogaard Coolant Saver, but is able to reclaim neat oil with a viscosity of up to 32 centistokes from the chip bin and returns it to the machine, giving the dual benefits of less oil wastage, and keeping the swarf bins clean. Only 0.1 bar is needed to create the vacuum so even low power pumps fitted to older Swiss-type sliding head lathes can benefit from the installation of a Wogaard Oil Saver.

Customers have accomplished significant cost savings based on emulsion coolant, with ROI achieved within 6 months. Imagine the savings that you can realise with neat oil!

View the Wogaard

If you would like to know more, please watch this interview about the Wogaard Coolant Saver in-use at DKW Precision Engineering:

If you would like more information on the Wogaard Coolant Saver, contact us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com to speak to one of our technical engineers or arrange a FREE on-site visit from one of our technical representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.