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Tecnomagnete MillTec Innovative Magnetic Clamping for 5-Axis Machining

7 Feb 2017

Tecnomagnete MillTec Innovative Magnetic Clamping for 5-Axis Machining image

The Tecnomagnete Mill-Tec Grip Round is a New Innovative Technology and the PERFECT SOLUTION for machining large metallic components on your 5th Axis Machine!

Tecnomagnete MillTec Grip on a 5-Axis Machining Centre


The new Mill-Tec Grip technology has a fully metallic top surface, no resin between the ’Poles’ like old technology that can deteriorate with time and also the whole top surface is fully machinable down to a depth of 15mm for potential introduction of Fixed Stops or Zero Point locators.

The new Mill-Tec Grip technology independently magnetises to the machine bed without the use of any mechanical clamps. This is to stop any vibration and create uniformed clamping between the machine bed, the magnet, and the component, enabling faster feeds and speeds to be achieved and also a better surface finish.

If the customer is looking to machine large metallic components there is NO competition!


And how would that benefit me?

The Mill-Tec Grip can be interfaced with the machine if you wish to Robot Load, and the flexibility of the system allows it to function as a Pallet Changer to hold non-ferrous parts. If you do a mixture of large and small work, metallic and aluminium, you could always mount a Centric Gripper on top of the Mill-Tec for the small components.

See MillTec Grip in action

If you would like to see the Tecnomagnete MillTec Grip in action, please watch this interview with 1st MTA's Sales Manager Giovanni Albanese discussing the benefits of the system:

If the application is right Mill-Tec Grip will save you Time and Money! Contact 1st MTA today on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com to speak to one of our technical engineers or arrange a FREE visit from one of our technical representatives. 

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