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Chick System 5 Multi-Loks

The Chick Workholding System 5 Multi-Loks are the perfect solution for horizontal CNC machines.

Choose your Multi-Lok from below, or use our Chick Multi-Lok Selector to find the perfect match for your machine.

4 Sided Multi-Loks are the most versatile products of their kind. They can take full advantage of your horizontal CNC machine by providing the accessibility of three part sides (per station), thus decreasing the cycle time and increasing the accuracy of your part.

6 Sided Multi-Loks are the most commonly used with applications requiring high volume production, they provide the flexibility and versatility of six complete dual station workspaces in one compact footprint maximizing the quantity of parts presented to the spindle.

Double High Multi-Loks are the perfect solution for small part applications or machines with a limited work envelope and are designed with specific applications in mind. CHICK has developed a group of Multi-Loks for small part applications or machined with a limited work envelope, without sacrificing the simplicity and flexibility of the System 5 product line.

12 & 16 Station Multi-Loks provide the flexibility of being able to hold one extremely large part over multiple stations or clamping multiple average sized parts. This grouping of Specialty Multi-Loks is designed to hold large parts while maximizing the efficiency of your machine. No need to waste time completely switching fixtures. Simply, select the Multi-Lok that fits in your machining envelope and change your setups in minutes.

The full range of Chick System 5 products are also available, including the Jaws and Faceplates and Accessories.

If you need any help selecting which Multi-Lok is right for your workholding needs, don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 783 0510 or enquiries@1mta.com.