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Chuck Jaws

Soft jaws, hard jaws, pie jaws, gripper jaws, a wide range of Chuck Jaws are available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories.

Chuck Jaw Finder
The simplest and easiest way of finding the right chuck jaws for your power chuck. Simply select your chuck's make and model from the list and the full range of jaws avaialble for that chuck will be shown.

Soft Jaws
Our range of soft chuck jaws are available in aluminium and steel, and are designed to fit Kitagawa and equivalent power chucks. Available jaws are manufactured by both Kitagawa and Abbott Workholding.

Hard Jaws

Hard chuck jaws manufactured by Kitagawa and Abbott Workholding. Made from steel, these stepped hard jaws are desidned for Kitagawa and equivalent power chucks. 

Pie Jaws

Pie Jaws, manufactured by Abbott Workholding, maintain 360 degrees of contact so parts cannot deform, giving you a greater degree of accuracy. Abbott Pie Jaws are designed to grip the part more effectively without distorting thin waller or odd-shaped parts.

Bar Gripper Jaws

Perfect for gripping bar, these bar gripper jaws cover a large clamping range. Different clamping depths are possible on the same set of jaws through exchangeable workpiece stops.

Master Base Jaws

The master base jaws for the full range of Kitagawa chucks can be found here.

Scroll Jaws

If you require scroll jaws for your scroll chuck or manual chuck then these are the jaws for you.


We supply a range of T-Nuts for Kitagawa and equivalent chucks.

We provide a huge range of Chuck Jaws of many different types and sizes, for a wide variety of chucks. We would recommend you use our Jaw Finder for a quick and easy way to find chuck jaws.

If you're unsure which jaws to use with your chuck, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 783 0510 or enquiries@1mta.com and we will be happy to assist you.