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Darex Drill Sharpeners

From Auto Drill Sharpeners to End Mill Grinders, Darex offers the world’s bestselling state-of-the-art sharpening tools for your business. Extend the life of your cutting tools with our full range of commercial drill sharpening products and parts. For more than 35 years, Darex has been committed to making industrial sharpening quick and easy work every time. Turn to Darex Sharpeners, the cost-effective way to sharpen drills in-house and keep your production going.

  • Darex V-391 An entry-level drill sharpener for shops that demand precision at a value price that operates quickly and intuitively.
  • Darex XT-3000 An expandable drill sharpener which grows as your sharpening needs grow. It can create a wide variety of point styles with fool-proof precision.
  • Darex XT-3000A Automatic An affordable way to bridge the gap between a manually operated drill sharpener and a fully automated CNC sharpeening system. It does everything the standard XT-3000 does, but automatically.
  • Darex XPS-16 A fully automatic 4-axis CNC drill grinder and sharpener with one-touch simplicity. For the price of a couple hundred premium carbide drills, you can sharpen in-house for only pennies a drill.
  • Darex E-90 Can easily sharpen a wide variety of end mills.

To learn more about Darex quality drill sharpeners and attachments contact us on 0800 783 0510 or enquiries@1mta.com.

If you're unsure how quickly you can recoup the costs of purchasing a new Darex Dril Sharpener, use our Darex Return on Investment Calculcator, which will show you just how quickly the Darex Drill Sharpeners can pay for themselves.