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Eclipse Filtramag FM1.5+ High Power

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Eclipse Filtramag FM1.5+ High Power high performance magnetic filter designed for wash applications and carbide filtration.

  • Magnetic Strength: 11,000 Gauss
  • Max. Flow Rate: 250 ltrs/min
  • Contamination Capacity: 3 kg
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 20 bar

    • Description

      The Eclipse Filtramag FM1.5+ High Power is a high performance magnetic filter for higher flow, higher contamination applications.

      • Patented design
      • Easy installation
      • Unique Dual Flow Technology - maximises collection capability
      • High flow capability
      • Operates at up to 20 bar
      • Removes both magnetic and non-magnetic contamination - optional mesh strainer
      • Non block design
      • Minimal pressure drop
      • In-line connections
      • Ideal for use in harsh chemical environments
      • Full stainless steel construction

      Magnetic Filtration Operating Principle

      Magnetic filtration is th emost effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants, and wash solutions.

      All the benefits of Eclipse Magnetic filters are based on their ability to remove 100%* of ferrous particles including sub-micron particles from the process. Traditional filtration systems typically leave particles smaller than 5 - 10 microns circulating in fluid causing damage to process equipment and finished products.

      Magnetic filtration systems are ideal for either new build projects or they can be fitted to enhance existing filtration systems.

      *Subject to operating conditions

    • Useful Information

      Technical Data

      • Product Number: FM1.5+ High Power
      • Magnetic Strength: 11,000 Gauss
      • Max. Flow Rate: 250 ltrs/min
      • Contamination Capacity: 3 kg
      • Max. Operating Pressure: 20 bar
      • Connection: 1 1/2" PN16 Flange
      • Dimensions (please refer to diagram):
      • A: 395mm
      • B: 255mm
      • C: 100mm
      • D: 180mm
      • E: 80.5mm

      How Filtramag+ works

      With a unique "Dual Flow Technology" design, Filtramag+ is the most efficient filter of its type available. The full flow design ensures that fluid is exposed to the high intensity magnets for the maximum time, thus ensuring almost 100% of ferrous contamination is removed on the first pass. Fluid enters through the inlet and flows up through the primary filtration chamber, it then flows down through the secondary filtration chamber.

      Fluid then passes through an optional mesh screen which removes non-magnetic debris. The patented magnetic circuit design ensures that the filter can never block even in high contamination applications. The magnetic cores can be removed easily by hand and cleaned with the tool supplied. As an option a spare magnetic cartridge can be supplied to ensure production continuity.

      Special Applications

      For processes with high levels of contamination, high fluid flow rates, high viscosity fluids or that operate continuously, multiple Filtramag+ filters can be installed in parallel using a manifold. Each Filtramag+ can be isolated, using a manual valve and cleaned without stopping the process.

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