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Kitagawa Expanding Mandrels

For gripping workpieces internally, Kitagawa's KEM Series of Expanding Mandrels is the best option. Able to grip internal diameters from 12.4mm to 82.7mm as standard, the KEM series' ID clamping offers full OD part access. With parallel expansion for optimum accuracy and grip force, the exanding sleeves are fully sealed for complete protection.

  • High Accuracy and Rigidity
    Pull-back design draws workpiece securely against a part locator for 'dual-contact' rigidity.
  • Modular Design
    All Mandrel models have a common flange configuration, enabling full interchangeability with all back bodies.
  • Customized systems available
    Larger sizes are available - up to 635mm possible. 1/2-length, extended length and dual sleeves - for supporting a wide range of parts.

The KEM Series includes a manually-operated expanding mandrel actuator incorporating a precision-ground 38mm diameter straight shank that enables the unit to be held in any collet or jaw chuck, reducing setup times by eliminating the need to change out the machine's workholding device. They are a great option for low/medium-volume production, but for high-production environments the standard KEM series is recommended.