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Iemca Boss 338 HD

Stockcode: Boss338HD | Delivery time: TBC

The Iemca Boss 338 HD bar feeder guarantees maximum reliability with no compromises. The continuous improvement made to the product, the attention to the smallest details, and over 20 years of history has driven the Boss line to set the market standard in every working application. The full range of Iemca Barfeeders are also available.

Pricing dependant on exact specification and requirements. Please contact us on 0800 783 0510 or email enquiries@1mta.com.

Price: POA

  • Description

    The Boss line, which accounts for over 30.000 working units all over the world, has been further improved in order to define the market standard once again.
    The Iemca BOSS 338 HD is an automatic barfeeder able to machine bars from 3 to 38 mm; it’s ideal to work either with swiss type machines or with fixed headstock lathes. It’s available to load bar lengths from 1 meter to 6 meters. It guarantees maximum reliability with no compromises: the continous improvement made to this product, the attention to the smallest details, and over 20 years of history has driven the Boss line to set the market standard in every working application.

    Headstock Synchronisation
    The idle time for engagement and disengagement of the synchronism is reduced up to 0,0" (compatible with the barfeeder characteristics). The mechanical syncronisation ties the barfeeder rigidly to the lathe regardless of the headstock speed or the size of the material which means there is no compromise.

    Simple to Use
    The Iemca barfeed devices design allows for simple set-up for both mechanical and component programming. Iemca devices allow for setting-up a new material size on full length barfeed models to be both quick and easy and can be less than 2 minutes.

    Floor Space
    The innovative double pusher and guide channel design reduces the overall length of the barfeed and make the Iemca barfeed range the most compact on the market.

    High Rotational Speeds
    The new completely closed guide channel (patented design) along with hydrodynamic support allow for higher rotational speeds.

    Increased Productivity
    With the barchangeover time down to 18 seconds this is the lowest time on the market. Combine this with the speed of the sycnchronisation device and this is the fastest barfeed in its class on the market.

    Remnant Retraction
    Fitted with remnant retraction which automatically removes the remnant from the machine and places into an internal bin located in the barfeed.

    Bar Clamping Device
    Bar introduction/extraction clamps self-centring directly on bar, requiring no adjustment by the operator when changing bar size.

    Snap-in Guides
    The round section guide channels are fully closed and lubricated and can be completed replaced without tools in less than a few minutes.

    Front Bushing Device
    The front bushing holder device allows a fast change of the front half-bushings at every working change (less than 30 sec).

    Exceptional Rigidity
    The precision design and build of the Boss ensure the very highest levels of torsional and longitudinal rigidity, eliminating all vibration.

    Greater Flexibility
    An extra front support bushing device gives additional guidance and stability to the bar feed for bars that are smaller than the spindle bore.

    Axial Shift Device
    An axial shift device is offered for access to the rear of the lathe

    Changeover from one material size to another is made simple by the Iemca design features. Changeover times can be as low as a few minutes.

  • Useful Information

    Technical Specification

    • Max bar dia: 38mm
    • Min bar dia: 3mm
    • Bar Changeover time: 18 secs
    • Range in one channel: 24mm
    • Magazine capacity: 280mm
    • Available Lengths (M): 2.1, 3.2, 3.7, 4.4, 6.4
    • Weight: 620-1450 kgs
    • Operating Voltage: 200-400 Volts
    • Total Power required: 2kW
    • Compressed air: 6 bar
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    Unless otherwise stated delivery will be made via TNT:

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    • All Other Areas: TNT standard economy service