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KEM-CS-A8 Kitagawa Expanding Mandrel

Stockcode: KEM-CS-A8 | Delivery time:

KEM Series
Rigid and Accurate ID Workpiece Gripping

  • Mandrel Gripping Range: 21.9mm - 40.3mm
  • Sleeve Gripping Range: 0.8mm
  • Maximum Pull Force: 12kN
  • Maximum Gripping Force: 21.4kN

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  • Description

    • ID Clamping offers full OD part access
    • Parallel expansion for optimum accuracy and grip force
    • Expanding sleeves are fully sealed for complete protection


    • High Accuracy & Rigidity
      Pull-back design draws workpiece securely against a part locator for 'dual-contact' rigidity.
    • Modular Design
      All Mandrel models have a common flange configuration, enabling full interchangeability with all back bodies
    • Please specify standard or flush sleeves upon ordering

    Complete Assembly Dimensions:

    • A: 100mm
    • B: 120mm
    • C: 210mm
    • D: 125mm
    • E: 52.1mm
    • F: 15.5mm
    • G: 32mm
    • G(Flushed): 36.6mm
    • Spindle Mount: A2-8
    • Mandrel Gripping Range: 21.9mm - 40.3mm
    • Sleeve Gripping Range: 0.8mm
    • Maximum Pull Force: 12kN
    • Maximum Gripping Force: 21.4kN
    • Maximum Drawnut Threaded Diameter: M90 x 2
  • Useful Information

    How To Order:

    • 1. Choose the appropriate mandrel model based upon the diameter(s) you plan to grip. All mandrels and bodies share a common mounting interface for full interchangeability. Each mandrel includes the expanding rod and an expanding rod adapter.
    • 2. Choose the part number to suit your spindle mount based upon the lathe spindle it will be mounted to. Just like with Kitagawa Europe Collet Chucks, each ID gripping system includes a drawtube connector that can be customised to your drawtube to ensure hassle-free installation.
    • 3. Choose the appropriate sleeve(s) based upon to diameter(s) you plan to grip.

    Choose the appropriate mandrel model and part number to suit your spindle mount:

    • Mandrel models are identified by their gripping range
    • Expanding rod, expanding rod adapter, and mounting hardware included with each mandrel
    • The part number identifies the exact back body that provides a precision interface for connecting the mandrel to the spindle
    • The part number includes mandrel, back body, and blank drawtube connector (which can be machined by yourself or custom-machined by us) and mounting hardware
    • Order sleeves, and part locators seperately
    • All expanding sleeves are bonded to ensure they are fully sealed against coolant and chip penetration
    • A double-angle design of KEM Expanding Mandrels provides parallel expansion of the sleeve for full-length workpiece contact and ensures positive release when the part is unclamped
    • All expanding sleeves collapse 0.1mm below nominal ground sleeve diameter size to ensure easy workpiece loading and unloading
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  • Delivery

    Unless otherwise stated delivery will be made via TNT:

    • UK Mainland: TNT standard next day service
    • All Other Areas: TNT standard economy service