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Chick Workholding Products Cut Machining Centre Set-Up Times By a Third at Hepco Slide Systems

A pair of One-Lok vices from the US manufacturer, Chick, are boosting productivity at the Tiverton factory of Hepco Slide Systems, a leading manufacturer of linear motion systems. The company is currently using the vices to speed set-ups for production runs on a Hurco vertical machining centre. The workholding units are, however, easily transferrable to […]

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Iemca Automata

Robot loader makes chuckers as productive as bar-fed lathes On the shop floor at Burnley subcontractor, BCW Engineering, an Iemca gantry robot loading system from 1st Machine Tool Accessories has been retrofitted to a twin-spindle Biglia CNC chucking lathe. As a result, productivity has increased by up to 50 per cent compared with when billets were […]

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Darex XPS-16 CNC Drill Sharpener

Darex XPS16 CNC Drill Sharpener

The US manufacturer, Darex, has introduced a new, 4-axis CNC drill sharpener, designated XPS-16, capable of restoring high performance drills in a simple, one-touch operation. The heavy duty unit costs the equivalent of 100 radial split point carbide drills, yet even unskilled operators can sharpen more than 400 of them in a day. Return on […]

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A range of clamping and manipulation products from Tecnomors, Italy, has been added to the rapidly expanding portfolio of workholding equipment available from 1st MTA. Characterised by their high accuracy and repeatability, Tecnomors self-centring pneumatic and hydraulic vices, manual chucks and automatic indexing chucks are ideal for precision, multi-axis machining operations. The products are complemented […]

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Kitagawa TP530 Rotary Table Now Available

A servo motor-driven NC rotary table with a very large through-hole has been introduced by Kitagawa to facilitate accurate milling and drilling of tube- and shaft-type components on machining centres and manual mills. The competitively priced unit, designated TP530, is available in the UK from 1st MTA, Salisbury. The 345 mm diameter hole through the […]

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In-House Darex Drill Sharpening Leads to Big Savings at Evenort

Manual drill grinder pays for itself in three months An economical way to reduce consumable costs associated with deep-hole drilling of nickel alloys and stainless steels has been adopted by oil and gas advanced machining specialist, Evenort. Located in Dinnington, near Sheffield, the company is saving around £1,000 per month by not sending solid carbide […]

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June Newsletter

New Vices Are Ideal For 5-Axis Machining The range of workholding products offered by 1st Machine Tool Accessories has been significantly expanded following a new agency agreement with BEST GmbH, Filderstadt, Germany. The company is a leading manufacturer of low-profile, centric (self-centering) vices that are particularly suited to clamping components undergoing multi-axis metalcutting applications on […]

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