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Iemca Master 80 Up is Verstaile and Ergonomic

The Iemca Master 80 Hyperflexible bar magazine manufactured by Iemca, Italy, proved popular when it was introduced in 2009 due to its ability to accept stock of any diameter from 15 to 80 mm using just one guide channel. Now the machine has been given a new loading system that allows bars to be presented […]

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Darex XT3000 Auto Offers an Economical Solution for Automated Drill Sharpening

A new, versatile, automatic drill sharpening machine manufactured by the US firm, Darex, has been introduced to the UK by sole agent, 1st Machine Tool Accessories. Called XT-3000 Auto, it bridges the gap between a manually operated machine and a fully automated CNC sharpening system. The automation attachment is factory-fitted to a new unit but […]

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Abbott Master Plates at Colombia Precision Hold Without Distortion And Machined To High Precision

Masterplates Clamping

Last April (2013), precision engineering company Columbia Precision installed its first vertical turning lathe (VTL), a Mazak Megaturn Nexus 900M, as part of a £2 million investment in new plant and software.  It increased to one metre the maximum diameter of component that can be accommodated on a lathe at the subcontractor’s factory in Aston, […]

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Chick Qwik-Loks at QCD Limited Paid For Themselves in 46 Days

Subcontractor’s detailed examination of workholding reveals astonishing cost savings and productivity increases No matter how fast a machining centre is, the speed and efficiency with which parts can be clamped for presentation to the spindle and unclamped afterwards defines the productivity of a process. A prime example is at Gosport-based subcontractor and precision engineering firm, QCD Limited, […]

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Chick Qwik-Loks & One-Loks at James Brown Industries Cut Manufacturing Costs By Three-Quarters

Chick Qwiklok

Cwmbran-based subcontractor, James Brown Industries, receives two-thirds of its business from companies in the oil and gas sector. Earlier this year, one customer significantly increased the volume of stainless steel and nickel alloy components it was ordering for daily Kanban delivery in boxes containing anything from 8- to more than 600-off. In addition, new component […]

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Mach 2014 Preview Information

NEW KITAGAWA PRODUCTS FROM 1ST MTA Chucks, rotary tables, vices and other accessories manufactured by the Japanese company, Kitagawa, are major product lines within the range of workholding equipment supplied by 1st Machine Tool Accessories. At MACH 2014, there will be three products new to the UK. WORLD’S THINNEST ROTARY TABLE At just 99 mm […]

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Chick Multi-Loks & One-Loks at Tranquil PC

Higher production, greater accuracy, less scrap, lower operating costs More and more companies are experiencing big increases in production without having to invest in new machine tools simply by upgrading to Chick Workholding, which enables more components to be presented to the spindle at each set-up. The US-made clamping systems are supplied in the UK […]

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