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Merry Christmas from 1st MTA 2017

Thanks to all of our customers for your support in 2017. We look forward to doing business with you again through 2018. Our last date to despatch orders this year is Thursday, 21st December. We will be open to recieve orders/queries on the morning of Friday, 22nd December, and we re-open for business as usual on Tuesday, 2nd January 2018. […]

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Heavy Duty Rotary Tables

If heavy machining on a 4th axis application is required, the Kitagawa GT series of rotary tables are an excellent solution. High clamping torques, extreme rigidity, and fast operation are key features of the heavy duty GT series of NC rotary tables. Available in three model sizes with faceplates ranging from 200 to 320mm diameter, […]

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The V-Tech Zero Point System

Do you want secure and precise clamping without sacrificing productivity? Introducing the V-Tech Zero Point System, which could reduce your set-up times by more than 90%. Created for use on CNC machining centres, the Zero Point system’s unique design guarantees the secure and precise clamping of workpieces, even under tough conditions. The pneumatic, quick change […]

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The Chick Workholding System 5 Multi-Lok

The Chick Workholding System 5 Multi-Lok is the perfect solution for increasing the productivity of your horizontal CNC machine. Providing the accessibility of three part sides, the Chick Multi-Lok will assist you in taking full advantage of your machine, decreasing cycle times whilst increasing the accuracy of your parts. The Multi-Loks are flexible enough to […]

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The Chick Indexer SubSystem

In need of a horizontal miller but haven’t got the space? The Chick Indexer Sub System could be the answer to your prayers. The Chick ISS is a workholding system which mounts to a rotary table and provides four or six sides on which to mount your workpieces. As such, it combines the productivity and […]

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The Darex V-391

Darex offers a wide range of sharpeners for manufacturers and fabricators of all sizes. For small shops with low-volume or intermittent sharpening needs, the V-391 is the most popular model, as it can sharpen common point styles with ease and is priced right for small shops. The Darex V-391 offers basic precision drill sharpening at […]

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Chuck Jaws from 1st MTA

At 1st Machine Tool Accessories, we take the hassle out of choosing new chuck jaws. Simply contact us with the make and model of your chuck and we’ll find the perfect jaws for your needs. If for whatever reason you can’t give us that information, contact us anyway and we’ll be able to help you […]

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The Tecnomagnete MillTec GRIP Round

The Tecnomangete MillTec GRIP Round circular magnetic chuck represents an innovative solution for clamping on 5-axis machines. With the MillTec Round’s permanent electro-magnetic technology, five full sides of a component are freely accessible for milling and drilling without any clamps or fixtures getting in the way. Furthermore, the light weight of the system won’t have […]

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Custom Workholding from 1st MTA

For when your workholding requirements can’t be met by standard clamping options, 1st Machine Tool Accessories have an in-house design team who are ready, willing, and able to provide a solution. Custom Workholding for Lathes 1st MTA are able to design custom solutions for specific work pieces that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be held […]

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How Much Money Are You Throwing Away?

The Wogaard Coolant Saver collects the cutting-fluid that is normally wasted through the machine tool’s automatic chip conveyor. The cutting fluid is reclaimed from the chip-container and returned to the machine tool’s main tank for re-use. How Much Money Are You Throwing Away? The Wogaard Coolant Saver can save up to 90% on the costs […]

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