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12th June 2017

Efficiency Through IEMCA Barfeeding

Iemca Barfeeders

IEMCA Barfeeders

When buying a new machine tool a customer will take the time to consider all the benefits and options that a machine tool can offer them such as service, support, cycle times, ROI, and price. So logically this process should also apply to the selection of the IEMCA barfeed. However, people often say “It’s just a barfeed, no need for any selection process, right?”. This is the FIRST and MAJOR MISTAKE that is made. Accepting any barfeed offered with the lathe is not the correct way to finding the best solution for your production requirements. There are many considerations to be made and speaking to an expert is always a better option than just guessing or taking a chance on accepting any barfeed that is offered.

Every Second Counts

The machine tool will take the longest time to set-up but by selecting the correct IEMCA barfeed a new set up can be as quick as 1 minute from material size to material size. The machine tool controls the cycle time but once again, with the correct IEMCA barfeed the standard machine cycle times can be reduced. IEMCA’s latest technology has the fastest feeding time on the market and remember every second counts! If just one second is saved for every feed out then based on a 30 second cycle time, 8 hour shift and 50 weeks, savings of £4,000.00 can be found in just one year. Something well worth considering.

Material Concerns

IEMCA offer several models of barfeed with either standard or extended magazine capacity. This is especially important for both lights out production and when handling large diameter material as considerations have to be made for Health & Safety regulations. This is another area where Iemca excel as they are the first and only barfeed manufacturer in the world to have been awarded a certificate of Ergonomics which takes into consideration the standard of physical and cognitive ergonomics in order to facilitate the employee and reduce risks for companies.

IEMCA Boss 542

Some engineers believe full length barfeeds are only for sliding head machines and small diameters, this is far from the truth. IEMCA offer barfeed models which range from 1mm to 100mm and from shaft loaders to 6.4M length. IEMCA also offer barfeed models for Single Spindle and Multispindle machines along with barfeeds to suit Rotary Transfer and Press machine tools.

Return on Investment

It is always surprising to find that most companies do not spend any time considering how selecting the correct IEMCA barfeed can further enhance the machine tool’s efficiency, and have a large influence on the ROI regardless of the cost of the machine tool. This influence can extend to all aspects of production, and ROI can be as short as 3 years when working a single shift pattern. Companies often have a 5 year ROI plan so it’s entirely possible to be making additional profit for at least two years. For example, based on a 50mm steel component 50mm long with a cycle time of 30 secs and based on an 8 hour shift, a full length IEMCA barfeed could save you in excess of £9k a year when compared to a short barfeed.

Think Barfeed, Think IEMCA

Just remember when choosing a barfeed for your next project to make the effort of considering all your options, it is well worth the effort. IEMCA are the world leading barfeed manufacturer with a history of 71 new inventions and over 200 patents. They manufactured the first ever commercial barfeed in 1961 and with over 100,000 installations and a presence in 30 different countries, IEMCA has strength in depth.

If you want more information about IEMCA barfeeders, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com to speak to one of our technical engineers, or arrange a FREE on-site visit from one of our technical representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.

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