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9th March 2016

Iemca Elite 112 and Elite 220 Videos

Italian barfeeder manufacturer Iemca have released a couple of new videos highlighting their exciting new product ranges.

To respond to the growing needs of the micromechanical market, IEMCA has developed a bar feeder that is totally innovative in terms of performance, flexibility and simplicity. The Elite 112 is able to feed bars of 0.8 mm to 12.7 mm even on lathes with very high rotation and headstock acceleration speeds without limiting performance in any way.

The Iemca Elite 220, with its new and revolutionary design, is the most versatile barfeeder currently available on the market thanks to its two types of magazine: a linear/gravity magazine for bar stock from 3 to 20mm and a “step by step” magazine, ideal for thin bar stock from 2 to 6mm. The barfeeder can be configured with just one type of magazine or both. If configured with both, the change from one magazine to the other takes only a few seconds.

The full range of Iemca Barfeeders are available from 1st MTA. There are also a number of other Iemca Videos available to watch.