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2nd June 2010

Iemca Next 25 Is A Compact New Loader for Multi Spindle Lathes

Next 25 Combines Simple Operation With High Performance

The Iemca Next 25, an innovative automation solution for multi-spindle lathes, is now available in the UK from workholding and machining equipment specialist, 1st Machine Tool Accessories.

Combining simple operation and high performance, the compact, integrated loader accommodates 3 to 25 mm diameter round bars up to 3100 mm long, as well as square and hexagon profiles up to 21 mm across flats.

Oil filled guide channels hydrostatically support the bar as it rotates – eliminating vibration and enabling the production of high quality parts up to the feeder’s maximum rated speed of 10,000 rev/min. Unlike other loaders, the Next 25’s innovative design allows each channel to accommodate variations of up to 6 mm in bar diameter, increasing equipment availability and minimising changeover downtime.

In operation, the Next 25’s brushless motor and worm screw drive initially locate the bar against the lathe’s bar stop. Final raw material feeding is controlled by the machine tool, using either its feeding fingers or in-built bar pulling capabilities. Bar changes can be as fast as six seconds, depending on the lathe’s operating cycle, while IEMCA’s proven snap-in system enables guide channel sets to be replaced in less than two minutes.

The Next 25’s 220 mm linear magazine capacity accommodates up to 20 off 11 mm diameter bars – or equivalent – with fully automatic stock selection. Changeovers to different sized raw material are both fast and simple. In addition, the Next 25 incorporates a pair of sensors that alert the operator when the unit’s magazine is empty or down to its last six bars.

The full range of Iemca Bar Feeders are available from 1st MTA. If you have any questions or queries about the products mentioned in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 783 0510 or enquires@1mta.com.

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