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10th October 2017

The V-Tech Zero Point System

Do you want secure and precise clamping without sacrificing productivity? Introducing the V-Tech Zero Point System, which could reduce your set-up times by more than 90%.

V Tech receiver

Created for use on CNC machining centres, the Zero Point system’s unique design guarantees the secure and precise clamping of workpieces, even under tough conditions. The pneumatic, quick change and ZERO POINT clamp features compact dimensions, an extraordinarily high clamping force and is made from top quality materials.

The quick change clamping system, as the name suggests, will benefit users by drastically reducing the time needed to set up and change workpieces. In fact, it could cut down on set-up times by more than 90%, enhancing the productivity of the manufacturing process by an enormous margin.

Additionally, the unique design of the pneumatic piston allows for an even distribution of contact within a small clamping body, delivering a high clamping force which will remain secure even if the air pressure fails due to its self-clamping mechanism.

The Zero Point system offers various configurations

V-Tech offer a Two Receiver Clamping Base which is ideal for quickly changing precision vices in CNC machining centres.

They also offer a four receiver version of the clamping base, which provides a compact solution for quick clamping and positioning of CNC milling machines. The base provides the potential for various arrangements, as elements can be easily combined in perpendicular directions. This makes the system particularly useful for machining larger parts.

Double” and “Quad” Pallets are also available which are used for clamping fixtures and other clamping devices to the base of a machine but can be modified to meet specific requirements.