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Adaptor Plates for Scroll Chucks

To Suit Rotary Tables


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# Part No Chuck To Suit Rotary Table To Suit Price
1 SCF04-050 SC-4 TT101
1 SCF04-060 SC-4 TT120
1 SCF05-050 SC-5 MR120
1 SCF05-060 SC-5 TT140
1 SCF07-065C JN07TN MR200
1 SCF07-075C JN07TN TMX200
1 SCF09-070 JN09TN RS250
1 SCF09-100 JN09TN MR250/GT250
1 SCF09-105 JN09TN TMX250
1 SCF12-320C JN12TN MR320
1 SCF12-320X JN12TN TBX320

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