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FPK Flange Workholder

Workholder for Swift Klamp

Key Features

  • Uses the HSK-A type, time-proven tool holder shank to connect the head and the work-piece holder.
  • Off-line setup in advance allows quick work-piece changing, minimizing machine downtime.
  • Excellent workpiece accessibility
  • Workpiece mount to workholder using threaded holes


All Swift Klamp flange work holders are attached to the workpiece using simple threaded holes and attached to the base using the HSK-A connection. Setup is quick with easy preparation, and no distortion to the workpiece. Flange work holders will accept a central boss for workpiece location and are available in a range of sizes to suit the workpiece. Flange work holders include male and female threads for workpiece mounting as well as the option of mounting work on a single central bolt. Flange work holders will also accept adapters to reduce the clamping area for better access to small workpieces.

Estimated delivery: 5-7 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No HSK Type Fig. Dia. (mm) Height of Unit (mm) Price
1 FPK-A40-40-35 HSK-A40 3 40 35 £402.00
1 FPK-A40-63-40 HSK-A40 2 63 40 £418.00
1 FPK-A63-63-45 HSK-A63 3 63 45 £483.00
1 FPK-A63-85-50 HSK-A63 2 85 50 £498.00
1 FPK-A63-110-55 HSK-A63 1 110 55 £498.00
1 FPK-A100-100-55 HSK-A100 3 100 55 £643.00
1 FPK-A100-130-65 HSK-A100 2 130 65 £658.00
1 FPK-A100-160-70 HSK-A100 1 160 70 £675.00