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HW Series

4 Jaw Closed Centre Power Chuck

Key Features

  • 2+2 Independent jaws give contact with all four jaws
  • Long stroke grip compounets with variable size
  • Ideal for square or elliptical parts
  • Compatible with large, readily available, range of jaws


Kitagawa chucks are manufactured from high grade alloy steel. The Kitagawa HW series are four jaw chucks but unlike conventional four jaws it works off a 2+2 system clamping two jaws indapendently garentees gripping with all four jaws unlike standard chucks. HW series chucks are supplied with blank drawnut and a set of t-nuts as standard.

Estimated delivery: On Request


# Part No Jaw Stroke Diameter (mm) Max Grip Force (kN) Max. Speed (rpm) Matching Cylinder Drawings Price
1 HW-08 13.2 28 3000 YW1220R £5,981.00
2 HW-10 16 42 2000 YW1225R £6,018.00
3 HW-12 16 42 1500 YW1225R £6,908.00
4 HW-15 17 54 1200 YW1225R £10,043.00