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RM Multi-Rail Fixture Set

To be Mounted onto T-Slot Table

Key Features

  • Maximise your machining envelope
  • High precision and high clamping force
  • Wide range of accessories for flexibility
  • Up to four workpieces per rail


This Multi-rail set has optional slots machined into the Multi-Rai base (code M-T1), so that it can be easily and accurately installed on a T-slot table. Multi-Rail can accommodate OK-Vise clamps, stops, parallels and other accessories to clamp multiple components and maximise your milling work area. All the clamping and location elements on the rail can be positioned according to the size and shape of the workpieces to swiftly adapt from clamping multiple small workpieces to clamping single large workpieces. This set includes 1 rail, 2 clamps and 5 stops to mount a maximim of 8 workpieces.

Estimated delivery: 7-10 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Description No. Parts in this Package Price
1 SRM-152SR-1 Fixturing Package to mount onto T-Slot Table 1 £ Price on application n/a
1 RM-500 500mm Base Rail 1 £590.56
1 RMC-DR Serrated Clamp Module 1 £119.83
1 RMC-DS Smooth Clamp Module 1 £119.83
1 RMS-SR2 Smooth and Serrated Stop Module 2 £ Price on application n/a
1 RMP-1 Parallel Blocks 4 £30.73
1 RMG-1 Magnetic Part Locator 2 £36.06
1 M-T1 Rail Modification to Suit T-Slots 1 £ Price on application n/a