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SIR 25 – Multi Spindle

Simple, Flexible and Superfast

Key Features

  • Flexibility - Patented sproket system gives exceptional flexibility when changing material sizes and can be changed within minutes
  • Floor space - Reduced due to the Iemca double pusher system the overall length of the barfeed is reduced
  • Bar guiding - Each channel is provided with independent hydraulics motors giving complete control in any station
  • Operator Friendly - PLC controlled the barfeed is easily set up and adjusted. A separate push button control panel is also provided


SIR 25 is an automatic bar feeder for multi-spindle lathes equipped of 6 and 8 spindles. For bars with diameters between 4 and 25 mm and lengths from 2,500 to 4,300 mm. The SIR allows bars to be easily loaded and manage the recovery of the remnant, without the necessity to use of the machine's stock reel. SIR is a bar feeder simple to use, it provides the maximum flexibility for the changeover of bar diameters (thanks to IEMCA patent of adjustable bobbins). It guarantees to reach the highest speed rotation. It is available with multi-rack or bundle magazine.

Estimated delivery: On Request


# Part No Diameter Max Bar Length Magazine Capacity Multi Rack Magazine Capacity Bundle ** Bar Change Time * Fixed Head Price
1 SIR2533 4-25mm 3300mm 750mm 2000kgs 30 sec Yes £ Price on application
1 SIR2538 4-25mm 3800mm 750mm 2000kgs 30 sec Yes £ Price on application
1 SIR2543 4-25mm 4300mm 750mm 2000kgs 30 sec Yes £ Price on application