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Tecnomagnete FlexoMag

Stockcode: TecnomagneteFlexoMag | Delivery time: TBC

FlexoMag revolutionizes the world of machining annular pieces

Traditionally, the workpiece is fixed with clamps or other locking systems that prevent full access to the tool; it therefore becomes necessary to provide 2 or more placements to complete the processing.

Machining the component on both diameters

A magnetic system allows the ring processing in a single positioning, without the use of brackets. You can then work simultaneously on the outside diameter, inside and upper face without obstruction.

Convenient and modular

Conventional magnetic solutions provide a magnet covering the whole table, with quite high economic investment. FlexoMag revolutionizes the concept of magnetic chuck; now you can set the magnetic area actually corresponding to the piece; just what you need.

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  • Description

    FlexoMag is modular: the combination of several modules allows the clamping of pieces in any diameter starting from 700mm

    Uniform and no-vibration clamping

    The magnetism allows a uniform clamping of all the surface of the workpiece, rather than for individual points. This prevents the workpiece deforming, especially in the presence of rings with thin thicknesses.
    The Nuflux system removes at the end of processing any possible magnetic residue from the workpiece.

    Easy and practical

    The double anchoring surface configuration allows FX to clamp itself on the machine table in a quick and convenient way.

    FX fits into all machines; in case of tables with irregular surfaces it is sufficient to provide a support plate on which to position the modules.

    Automatic Shimming

    The mobile pole extensions adapt the magnetic surface to the workpiece. The fixed extensions, on each module, are non-magnetic and adjustable in height and axially.

    Shimming and stress release operations are executed quickly and automatically, without deformation.

    A New Idea of Flexibility

    The system is easily expandable; with FX1 each module is equipped with the input connector and the output to be able to create a chain with other FX modules, with the possibility of virtually infinite diameters.

    The FX modules provide an articulated joint at 45° and can be arranged either circularly, “U” shaped or also following the profile of the piece to be machined. They are therefore indicated for not only turning but also milling operations for light / contouring / welding.

  • Useful Information

    Tecnomagnete FlexoMag is provided as a modular system created using as few or as many FX modules as you desire.

    Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) No. of Poles Weight (kg)
    FX1 325 95 150 2 16
    FX2 325 95 150 2 17
    CFX /R 112 - 68 - 3
    CFX /L 112 - 68 - 3
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