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Tecnomagnete MaxX Lifter

Stockcode: TecnomagneteMaxXLifter | Delivery time: TBC

Load handling in complete efficiency

Tecnomagnete MaxX is the most practical, safe, and economical way to handle ferrous loads, floors, round, finished or raw. The load is lifted from the top, with ease, without deformation or damage.

It is ideal to load of machine tools, systems flame cutting, in fabrication works, shipyards, foundries, to steel industries, for the movement of the molds.

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  • Description

    Concentrated Power

    The patented circuit Corona Neutra conveys the magnetic flux only where necessary, into the load. This ensures consistent performance, absence of residual magnetic attraction and prevents interference with any adjacent loads.


    MaxX warns you of potential dangers. The “smart lever” perceives when load conditions are not optimal (unbalanced load, of incorrect material, incorrect thickness) and communicates this condition by creating a strong resistance to activation. You can have confidence that the load can be lifted safely and securely.


    The magnetic circuit is designed to operate safely even in the presence of loads with uneven surfaces (rust, paint, rough). Each lifter supplied is tested to THREE TIMES the suggested load, ensuring complete safety.

    Compactness and Lightness

    The small size and weight of the MaxX lifter ensures it stays out of the way and allows it to be used in even the smallest locations. 

    Thin Gauge Version

    The TG version has been designed for the safe handling of metal sheets and tubes with thin walls. The special structure of the polar surface concentrates the magnetic flux into a smaller surface, allowing thin parts to be lifted safely.

  • Useful Information

    Tecnomagnete MaxX Lifters come in a variety of sizes which are certified to lift the following load dimensions.

    Model Minimum thickness (mm) Ø Max (mm) Length Max (mm) Max. load plate (kg) Max. load round (kg)
    MaxX 125 20 300 1 150 50
    MaxX 250 20 300 1.5 250 100
    MaxX 500 25 400 2 500 200
    MaxX 1000 40 450 3 1 400
    MaxX 1500 45 500 3 1.5 600
    MaxX 2000 55 600 3 2 800


    Through a selection of top grade magnets and further optimizations in the design, it has been possible to achieve a "Plus" version of the MaxX 250 and MaxX 500 known as the Tecnomagnete MaxX E Energy Version. With the same size and weight, these models are certified to 20% greater performance.

    Model Minimum thickness (mm) Ø Max (mm) Length Max (mm) Max. load plate (kg) Max. load round (kg)
    MaxX 300E 20 300 1.5 300 150
    MaxX 600E 25 400 2 600 250


    The Tecnomagnete MaxX TG Thin Gauge version is for lifting thin parts

    Model Minimum thickness (mm) Ø Max (mm) Length Max (mm) Max. load plate (kg) Max. load round (kg)
    MaxX TG 150 8 240 1.5 150 50
    MaxX TG 300 10 290 2 300 100
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