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Indexer Subsystem

Stockcode: Chick-ISS | Delivery time: Dependant on previous sales

Price: POA

  • Description

    The Chick Indexer Sub System (ISS) combines the productivity and versatility of the Multi-Lok with a 4th axis rotary table thereby converting a vertical machining centre to work like a horizontal providing:

    • Increased efficiency and throughput on the vertical machining centre by turning it into either a four sided eight-station system, a six sided twelve-station system, or a four sided sixteen-station system (for smaller components).
    • Easily assembled to achieve critical tolerances for perpendicularity and concentricity.
    • A standard dour sided eight-station system enables three faces of up to eight components to be presented to the machine spindle in a single set-up.
    • Reduced labour requirements by putting more parts under the spindle.

    It is possible to mount an ISS system:

    1. Direct to the machine bed
    2. To a custom Foundation Plate to suit the machine
    3. To a Universal Foundation Plate – a smaller version of a full Foundation Plate
  • Useful Information

    To obtain price and delivery for an Indexer Subsystem:

    Step 1: Select the Chick Multi-Lok best suited for your fixturing needs. The most popular systems for indexer subsystems are:

    Chick System 5 0520 4-Sided Multi-Lok

    Chick System 5 1040 4-Sided Multi-Lok

    Chick System 5 1550 4-Sided Multi-Lok

    Step 2: Select the rotary table or indexer to used. This can be supplied by 1st MTA or utlise your current rotary table. Chick recommends:

    Tables > 150mm (6") for 0520 4-Sided Multi-Lok

    Tables > 200mm (8") for 1040 4-Sided Multi-Lok

    Tables > 250mm (10") for 1550 4-Sided Multi-Lok

    Step 3: Select the VMC onto which the Indexer Subsystem will be installed.

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  • Delivery

    Unless otherwise stated delivery will be made via TNT:

    • UK Mainland: TNT standard next day service
    • All Other Areas: TNT standard economy service