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Sharp and Precise

Hunt down cost, time and resource savings with the Darex XT3000 Xpandable sharpener system from 1st MTA.


"Machining accuracy is taken as read, which is why Chick's versatility and cost-effectiveness, backed by 1st MTA's applications engineering support, have complemented our machine tool investments so well. Together, they have helped us to streamline our operations and compete more strongly than ever for high precision sub-contract machining work across a wide range of business sectors."

Ken Petryszyn, Crabb Engineering

Why choose 1mta

1st Machine Tool Accessories is a one stop solution to all your machining requirements. We take away the hassle of searching for the best items from the finest manufacturers by only stocking high quality products. Through careful reviewing of our business partners and suppliers we maintain a level of quality that is unrivalled; providing you with peace of mind and satisfaction guaranteed.

At 1mta we stock a vast range of machine tool accessories, from clamping equipment such as chuckschuck jaws and machine vices, to smaller but equally important items such as drill sharpeners. In addition we stock the larger items that go hand in hand with production machining processes, including rotary tables suited for all manner of application and the widest range of bar feeders on the market.

We understand the importance of reliable products that can stand the test of time, whilst retaining accuracy. We also recognise the importance of maintaining a safe, efficient, and environmentally-aware working location, and stock some of the most impressive coolant and lubricant filtration systems.

At 1mta the satisfaction of our customers is paramount; as such our knowledgeable staff members are happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice prior to you placing an order. So before you consider looking elsewhere, be sure to spend some time viewing our site and browse our selection of excellent products.