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Founded in 1984 OK-Vise Oy is located in the lake district of central Finland in a Muurame Business Park, a centre of the megatronics industry in the northern European Union.

The OK-Vise low-profile wedge-operated clamp was originally designed by Mr Olli Kytölä to solve a specific workholding requirement in a flowmeter production process of the parent company Kytola Instruments Oy.

Due to the obvious benefits it offered the clamping method attracted the interest of other companies:

  • Three-directional machining.
  • Extreme clamping force.
  • Ultimate efficiency.

OK-Vise supplies the modern metalworking, plastic, aerospace and electronic industries.

Whilst the low-profile clamp remain the core of the product range complementary fixturing concepts have been added that are suitable for the clamping of different workpiece types, sizes and materials on all types of platforms including:

  • Clamp modules, end stoppers, riser blocks and side guides.
  • Multi-Rail RM System allowing multiple workpieces to be clamped on the same area.
  • Multi-Rail RH System which is optimal when the clamping force is over 4 tons or if the workpieces are rather large.
  • Combo Rail available in three variants: floating mode, centralizing mode and machine vise mode.
  • Grid Fixturing System which can be adapted to the grid platforms of leading workholding suppliers.
  • Blank Fixturing System designed for cases when dedicated fixtures are needed, typically for high production environments.
  • Hydraulic Clamping using hydraulic actuators in conjunction with the low-profile clamps for automated or manual workpiece loading.
  • Subplates for faster installation and change over times.
  • Platforms in addition to fixturing components tooling blocks, zero-point positioning (OK-LOCK) and trunnion units (RPS) are also available.

By providing constant product development, excellent quality, using only the finest raw materials, advanced hi-tech production methods and dedicated customer service OK-Vise is a well recognised trademark around the globe.

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