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Finger Chucks for Wheels


For the manufacture of Automotive Wheels

£ Price on application

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Since its founding in 1918, Kitagawa has established itself as a leader in the global supply of power chucks.

As well as the standard power chuck range, there is the range Advanced chucks which includes Finger Chucks for the automotive industry.  Kitagawa uses its experience to improve and maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of workholding products for the automotive industry, allowing it to provide customised products and solutions worldwide thereby optimising the customer’s manufacturing processes.

There is a specialised team of engineers dedicated to customising Finger Chucks to suit your requirements, they offer meticulous attention to detail to provide an individual optimised solution based on your production facilities and requirements.

In the increasingly competitive world of automotive wheels, Kitagawa Finger Chucks offer a solution you can trust.

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