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Joint Handles

Handles for the Mounting of B200 Power Chucks


Joint Handles come with two lugs that located in the cut outs of a drawnut to wind it onto the drawtube. In order to use the joint handle you will ne to remove the cover plate from the bore of the chuck.

Estimated delivery: Next Day (subject to availability)


# Part No Chuck to Suit Price
1 HD-B204 b/bt204 £64.00
1 HD-B205 b/bt205 £84.00
1 HD-B206 b/bt206 £106.00
1 HD-B208 b/bt208 £123.00
1 HD-B210 b/bt210 £144.00
1 HD-B212 b/bt212 £165.00
1 HD-B215 b/bt215 £183.00

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