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Low Profile Clamping Parts

Slotted Free Vise to suit 40mm or 50mm Grid

Key Features

  • Family of Parts for Flexible Clamping Solution
  • Easily Adjustable for different size components
  • Ground Surfaces for location
  • Serrated for more holding force


This family of clamping parts allow for quick easy standard set-up for large components. This low profile version allows for more tool clearance and less excess material.

Recommended Parts

CP32 Block Stop

CP37 Positioning Edge Supportd

Estimated delivery: 5-7 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Height of Unit (mm) Height of Backstop (mm) Width of Jaw (mm) Mount slot width (mm) Slot pitch (mm) Price
1 CP31-1240 37 30 15 13 40 £239.99
1 CP31-1250 37 30 15 13 50 £248.04
1 CP31-1650 37 30 15 16.5 50 £248.04