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Master Base Jaws

Jaw Carriers for B Series Power Chucks

Key Features

  • Hardened and Ground
  • Supplied in sets of 3
  • Ground Serrations for Accurate Positioning of top Jaws


Set of three replacement base jaws. Base jaws are normally replaced in the event of a crash. Please check the condition of slide ways in the chuck before replacing. Replacement of base jaws will not necessarily increase accuracy. Any damage or wear to the chuck body itself cannot be rectified.

Estimated delivery: 2-3 Weeks (subject to availability)


# Part No Chuck to suit Price
1 GB-B04 B04 n/a
1 GB-B05 B05 n/a
1 GB-B06 B06 £916.00
1 GB-B08 B08 n/a
1 GB-B10 B10 £1,216.00
1 GB-B12 B12 £1,625.00
1 GB-B15 B15 £2,641.00
1 GB-B18 B18 £3,898.00
1 GB-B21 B21 £5,254.00
1 GB-B24 B24 £6,607.00

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