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Master Plates

Allowing for Cost Effective holding of Large Thin-walled Components

Key Features

  • Reduce setup and changeover times by up to 80%
  • Eliminate out of round conditions and concentricity problems
  • Effectively double the holding capacity of any chuck without eliminating the ability to hold small parts
  • Light-weight 713 Tenzaloy for weight saving


Abbott‘s master plate and segment system is a great choice for turning larger diameter work pieces. The system consists of an aluminum master plate, similar to a thin Pie Jaw®, which is pre-drilled and keyed to accommodate Abbott’s standard, off-the-shelf segment rings. Plates are available in various diameters from 15 to 60 inches and can be mounted on 8-60 inch diameter chucks, effectively increasing the holding capability of smaller chucks. The master plate can be custom machined to fit any model chuck, making it a permanent universal fixture on any machine.When using this system, the transition from one job to the next simply requires bolting on a new size or configuration of segments before continuing with the next production run. For repeat jobs, machine operators can designate job specific tooling, allowing them to setup in minutes by using pre-machined segments from a previous run. Segments are available in specific ID/OD ranges, allowing machining time to be spent on making production parts instead of boring out excess jaw material. The master plate and segment system maximizes flexibility between machines because segments can be used to run jobs on any machine that has been fitted with a master plate, regardless of machine or chuck type. In addition to reduced setup and tool preparation time the system enables material and shipping cost savings as well.

Estimated delivery: 2-3 Weeks (subject to availability)


# Part No Suitable Chuck Range Diameter mm) Maximum Segment Diameter (mm) Price
1 15MP 200+ 381 0 I.D up to 406.4 O.D £1,788.00
1 18MP 250+ 457.2 0 I.D up to 558.8 O.D £1,983.00
1 21MP 315+ 533.4 0 I.D up to 558.8 O.D £2,216.00
1 24MP 315+ 609.6 0 I.D up to 660.4 O.D £2,605.00
1 30MP 381+ 762 0 I.D up to 812.8 O.D £3,771.00
1 36MP 450+ 914.4 0 I.D up to 1016.0 O.D £5,170.00
1 48MP 610+ 1219.2 0 I.D up to 1371.6 O.D £9,056.00
1 60MP 762+ 1524 0 I.D up to 1524.0 O.D £ Price on application n/a