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V-Tech Zero Point System

Key Features

  • Reduce your set-up times by more than 90%.
  • Self-clamping mechanism, constant air not required
  • Made from aluminium or stainless steel
  • Thermal compensation included


Created for use on CNC machining centres, the V-Tech Zero Point system’s unique design guarantees the secure and precise clamping of workpieces, even under tough conditions. The pneumatic, quick change and ZERO POINT clamp features compact dimensions, extraordinarily high clamping force and is made from top quality materials. These stainless steel pull studs can be fitted to fixtures, workholding and even directly to workpieces for easy mounting to the V-Tech zero point baseplates. Pull studs are available as a fixed position type for precise location as well as types with either one or two axes of thermal compensation. Plastic pull studs are available for use as blanking plugs for receivers when not in use.   Estimated delivery: 5-7 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Description Price
1 20160107 ZEPO-v Locating pin - Fixed 135 £42.00
1 20160148 ZEPO-v Locating pin - 2° 135 £42.00
1 2016010011 Change pin -1° of play £73.00
1 2016010015 Blanking Plug £21.00

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