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Seal Kit for S-Type Cylinders

Key Features

  • Allows for repair of leaking Cylinder
  • Can be replaced in house or sent to 1st Machine Tool Accessories


With the use of seal kits leaks from the front of back of the cylinder can be stopped. The replacementf of the seals can either be done in house or can be sent to !st Machine Tool Accessories for replacement by one of our technicians.

Estimated delivery: Next Day (subject to availability)


# Part No Cylinder to suit Price
1 SEALS1036 S1036 £102.00
1 SEALS1246 S1246 £96.00
1 SEALS1446 S1446 £102.00
1 SEALS1552 S1552 £102.00
1 SEALS1875 S1875 £102.00
1 SEALS2078 S2078 £102.00
1 SEALS2091 S2091 £102.00