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Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp

Side Actuated Intenal Clamping

Key Features

  • Ideal for Secondary Operations on lathe parts
  • Clamp body made of mild steel for machinability
  • Side screw clamping for blind holes
  • Easily clamped in a lathe chuck


The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is actuated from the side, making it perfect for blind hole applications. The Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp is designed in two styles, one for milling operations and one for lathe applications. The milling vesrion has a precision machined base for precise location in fixture plates and the lathe version has a 25.4mm shank for gripping in a chuck.

Estimated delivery: 3-5 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Type Application Base diameter (mm/inch) Clamp diameter (mm/inch) Height excl base (mm/inch) Holding force (Nm/lbs) Price
1 38210 Metric Mill 50 28.7 22.2 20000 £131.49
1 38370 Metric Lathe N/A 53.3 25.4 20000 £192.78
1 31210 Imperial Mill 1.968 1.12 0.875 4000 £ Price on application n/a
1 31370 Imperial Lathe N/A 2.09 1 4000 £ Price on application n/a