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Swing Clamp

For Easy Loading when Top Clamping

Key Features

  • Swing clamps allow the Workholding to be moved out of the way for Easy Loading
  • Ground and Threaded Toe allows for use of Inserts
  • 15mm of Travel
  • Hardened and Chemi-Blacked for durability


Swing clamps are useful for supplying a good amount of holding force from a clamp using a small amount of surface area. Like most of Leave's components it can be used well with the rest of the fixturing components and base plates. Swing clamps allow for the workholding to be swung out the way to allow for easy loading of components.

Estimated delivery: 5-7 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Main thread Max Workpiece Height (mm) Travel (mm) Reach from centre (mm) End thread Body diameter (mm) Price
1 CP08-1240-29 M12 55 15 30 - 22 £41.30
1 CP08-1245-36 M12 60 15 50 M12 26 £47.25
1 CP08-1645-36 M16 60 15 50 M12 26 £49.82
1 CP08-1645-41 M16 60 15 60 M16 32 £61.02