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TW Series

Multi-Spindle 5th Axis Rotary Table

Key Features

  • 5 axis multi component machining, the best of both worlds
  • Small footpring for compact machines
  • High clamping torque
  • Optional rotary joint for automated fixtures


Complex, multi-operation workpieces have always required a compromise between multiple component machining or multiple operation machining. Many organizations accept that full 5 axis machining can only be applied to single components. With the TW series rotary tables from Kitagawa you can have the best of both worlds. Full 5 axis machining on multiple workpieces with all the productivity benefits that brings. Tables are available with rotary joints. AV specification comes with an external controller that functions off a spare M-Code; used for machines that do not have 4th axis preperation.

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# Part No Table Dia. (mm) Centre Bore (mm) Centre Height (mm) Clamping Torque (Nm) Allowable Inertia (kgm²) Number of Spindles Drawings Price
1 TW2180 180 40 200 400/800 0.12 2
2 TW2180AV00 180 40 200 400/800 0.12 2 £74,051.00