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Blank Draw Nut

Machinable Connector for B200 Series Chucks

Key Features

  • Blank connector to be machined to suit specific drawtube threads
  • Other lengths of connector are available
  • We can supply drawnuts with the correct thread to suit your machine


Used for mounting a B200 chuck onto a drawtube, this connector is supplied blank to be machined out to the required thread. **Some machine setups may require the use of extended connectors as well as a drawnut**

Estimated delivery: Next Day (subject to availability)


# Part No Chuck to Suit Max. Thread Size Price
1 DN-B204 B04 M32x1.5 £75.00
1 DN-B205 B205 M40x1.5 £75.00
1 DN-B206 B206 M55x2.0 £75.00
1 DN-B208 B208 M60x2.0 £87.00
1 DN-B210 B210 M85X2.0 £103.00
1 DN-B212 B212 M100X2.0 £107.00

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