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Machinable Fixture Plate

Base Plate to suit Horizontal Machining Centre

Key Features

  • Machinable to accept required hole pattern
  • Ground Flat and Parallel
  • Threaded Holes for Side-Location


Cast iron plain fixture plate with holes for side location. Plain to allow for the machining of hole patterns and features required for specific fixtures. Ground flat parallel and perpendicular for accuracy. Designed specifically for use on horizontal machining centres.

Estimated delivery: 7-10 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Size (mm) Height (mm) Drawings Price
1 BP04-50400-0400 400 50 £1,124.67
2 BP04-50500-0500 400 50 £1,534.17
3 BP04-50630-0630 630 50 £2,208.50
4 BP04-50800-0800 800 50 £3,270.17