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Multi-Power Vac

Vacuum Clamping

Key Features

  • Can be used with or without pallet
  • Can run from vacuum generator or dedicated pump
  • Can be mounted on a magnet for grinding applications
  • Matrix on top surface can be used for traditional clamping or part location


Possibly the most universal multi-functional vacuum system in today’s market, this system has several unique features to meet your vacuum workholding needs. Each Multi-Power vacuum table has 4 ports to allow for multi component clamping. The top surface is textured for extra holding force and has a matrix of threaded holes to combine vacuum and traditional clamping methods as well as the ability to mount pallets. The bottom surface includes 6 embedded steel washers to allow the unit to be mounted on a magnet for grinding applications. The Multi-Power vacuum table can be equipped with multiple vacuum generators when additional holding force is required and multiple vacuum tables can operate from a single vacuum source.

Estimated delivery: 7-10 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Description Price
1 46000 1 Multi-Power Vac pallet with Vac Generator including all accessories and coolant trap £2,661.12
1 46200 1 Multi-Power Vac pallet without Vac Generator including mtg. hardware and tubing £2,128.90
1 46100 Vac Generator with regulator/tubing/brass filter and push to connect fitting £432.50
1 46250 Sacrificial Top Plate with mtg. screws £219.61
1 46050 Coolant Trap £266.12