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OK-VISE Combo Clamp

Self-Adjustable/Serrated Version

Key Features

  • Self-Adjustable Ball end allows for the clamp to pivot to become flat with the component.
  • Range of Sizes
  • Other Combinations of Jaws Available
  • Hardened for Longevity


The DK2-VT-B clamp has a self-adjustable steel ball inserted into one of the clamp jaws. The steel ball is equipped with torsion protection, allowing the ball to self-adjust up to 9 degrees. This makes clamping inaccurate parts and castings more flexible. The other jaw has a serrated finish.

Estimated delivery: 5-7 Working Days (subject to availability)


# Part No Width (mm) Height (mm) Optimum Length (mm) Grip Force (kN) Bolt Price
1 BK2-VT-B 21 15 35 22 M8 x 20 £87.90
1 DK2-VT-B 30 22 55 55 M12 x 30 £125.33
1 DK2-VTI-B 1.18 0.86 2.16 55 1/2-1 1/4 £125.33