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Triangle Tooling Column

Tenzaloy (Aluminium Alloy) Column

Key Features

  • Strong, Rigid & Lightweight
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Excellent Machinability


Abbott triangle tombstones are made of Tenzaloy™. They provide a practical, inexpensive and lightweight means of holding work accurately in a vertical or horizontal application for CNC machining operations. They can be mounted directly on a machine table/pallet or used in conjunction with a rotary table. Abbott tooling columns are available in multiple configurations built to any height, width and thickness dimensions required for your application. In addition, base sizes can be customized to fit any machine pallet.

Estimated delivery: On Request


# Part No Height (mm) Length of Side (mm) (b) Perpendicular bisector Corner to centre flat mm (c) Base Size (mm) Drawings Price
1 T123011-500BS 762 300 276.9 500mm x 44mm
2 T143813-630BS 965.2 368.3 335.3 630mm x 44mm