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Manual Expanding Mandrel

Klamp KEM Mandrels

Key Features

  • No need to remove your 3 jaw or collet chuck
  • Side actuated for thru or blind bores
  • Use the same mandrels, sleeves and locators as the hydraulic systems
  • A great option for low/medium-volume production.


KEM Series includes a manually-operated expanding mandrel actuator incorporating a precision-ground 38mm diameter spigot for mounting in collet or jaw chucks. These models utilise the same precision mandrels, expanding sleeves and locators as our CNC Expanding Mandrels. They are side-actuated with an included square-drive key so that they can accommodate parts with blind bores as well as those with thru-holes. Precision-ground for high accuracy in squarenesss and concentricity, If higher accuracy is needed the mandrel can be clocked-in once the unit is gripped in a chuck.


# Part No Grip Range Min Grip Range Max Sleeve Length Price
1 KEM-AS-MA 12.4 22.4 22.1 £3,836.00
1 KEM-BS-MA 15.9 29.1 27 £3,892.00
1 KEM-CS-MA 21.9 40.3 32 £3,909.00
1 KEM-DS-MA 28.3 51.5 38.1 £4,016.00
1 KEM-ES-MA 41.1 82.7 43 £4,278.00