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MDE Indexing Chuck

With Automatic Clamping and Indexing (8×45°)

Key Features

  • Indexing takes, with position control, approx. 2-4 seconds per 90°, depending on the size of the chuck
  • Allows for automatic loading and unloading by robot
  • Chucking piston is connected to a safety device and keeps securely gripped in the event of a complete pressure loss


MDE is an automatic indexing chuck with hydraulic clamping and indexing. It is not self-centering.• made in special high resistance hardened and cementing 60HRC steel UNI18NiCrMo5, to maintain a high degree of precision, reliability and quality• High precision jaw slide ways• indexing movement simple and reliable: a conical shutter guarantees the mechanical indexing. Indexing precision ±1’30”• sealed against coolant, swarf and dust• constant and long lasting precision• easy installation to the machine.• standard includes eight 45° indexing positions

Estimated delivery: 2-3 Weeks (subject to availability)


# Part No Diameter (mm) Clamping Surface (cm²) Stroke (mm) Price
1 MDE160 160 13.85 10 £ Price on application
1 MDE205 205 23.7 14 £ Price on application
1 MDE235 235 23.7 14 £ Price on application
1 MDE260 260 44.1 18 £ Price on application
1 MDE285 285 44.1 18 £ Price on application
1 MDE300 300 44.1 18 £ Price on application

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