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RKT Series

Ultra Fast and Zero Backlash 5th Axis Table

Key Features

  • Compact 5th axis design
  • Quick Indexing 5th axis
  • Zero Backlash


A tilting typ rotary table with compact design and high accuracy, suitable for 4th and 5th axis machining. The RKT series allows for 5th axis machining on standard 3 axis machines either through integration with the machine control or with an external control. 5th axis prepared machines require for machine control intergration. AV specification comes with an external controller that functions off a spare M-Code; used for machines that do not have 5-axis preperation.

Estimated delivery: On Request


# Part No Table Dia. (mm) Centre Bore (mm) Centre Height (mm) Allowable Inertia (kgm²) Repeatability (sec) Drawings Price
1 RKT180 180 50 170 0.25 4
£ Price on application
2 RKT180AV00 180 50 170 0.25 4 £ Price on application

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