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System 5 0525 Dual StationJaw Sets

Fully Machineable Dual Station Jaw Sets

Key Features

  • Change jaws in seconds and complete a full setup in a few minutes
  • Precise loction of jaws means your datum is preserved every time you remove the jaws. Once a job is setup, it stays setup.
  • Two parts in the same space as one. Maximise your working area and optimise the toolpath.
  • Machinable workholding means complex shaped workpieces are easy to grip


Fully machinable aluminium jaws for use on either 0525 Qwik-Loks or 0525 Multi-Loks. The Dual Station Machinable Jaw Sets clamp with an equal and opposing inward force, thus eliminating the potential for jaw lift. The safe low profile jaw interface maximizes the amount of machinable area, giving the ability to hold larger parts. These jaw sets are available in standard size or oversize. An additional set of jaws can be created by purchasing an additional fixed jaw and reversing the movable jaws. All jaws are available as sets or individually.

Estimated delivery: Next Day (subject to availability)


# Part No Description Width (mm) Height (mm) Max. Holding Capacity (mm) Length (mm) Number of jaws Drawings Price
1 080-2505-01 £152.00
2 080-2506-01 Dual Station Set 80 35 110 3
3 080-2511-01 Individual Movable jaw 49 25 75 1 £63.00
4 080-2512-01 Individual Movable jaw 80 35 75 1 £74.00
5 080-2553-01 Individual Fixed Jaw 49 25 76 1 £61.00
6 080-2554-01 Individual Fixed Jaw 80 35 76 1 £67.00