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31st May 2017

Chick Indexer SubSystem is the Best Way to Increase Productivity

The Chick Indexer SubSystem is a workholding system that mounts to a rotary table and provides four or six sides on which to mount your workpieces. If you want to improve the productivity of your vertical machining centre, the Indexer SubSystem is for you.

Chick Workholding Indexer Sub System

Use of the Indexer SubSystem offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Combines the versatility and productivity of the Chick Multi-Lok with a 4th axis rotary table, allowing a vertical machining centre to work like a horizontal
  • Fits more workpieces in your machine, in more orientations, and makes it possible to complete machining operations on three sides of your components in a single machining cycle
  • Built-in zero point systems makes it easy to replace the jaw with machinable faceplates for large quantities of smaller components, or small quantities of larger components
  • Provides an easy solution for complex component clamping without the need for expensive fixtures
  • Can be supplied with a 4th axis rotary table, or fitted to your existing setup
  • Much longer periods of unattended running, with the potential for lights out running after home time

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