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18th August 2016

Got a Second to Save Money

Iemca Boss Barfeeder

Ever thought about how much time is spent with your machine doing nothing? Then start thinking, you could be saving money quicker than you think. When you purchase your machine tool a high importance is put on the component time to justify the purchase, then the hourly rate for this machine is calculated by the second, so for every additional second your machine is spent idle it is costing you money

Iemca, one of the leading barfeed manufacturers in the world, have thought about this and have incorporated features in their range of barfeed models to reduce feeding time and barchange time.


The obvious starting point is to keep the machine running in automatic mode producing components for as long as possible, so purchasing a full length barfeed, with only one remnant and only one barchange per material length, makes this the ideal starting point.

If shopfloor space is a premium and a full length barfeed cannot be accommodated then the next barfeed model, the hybrid length, which can load material lengths of 2.1M, giving two remnants and two barchanges per material length, should be considered.

If shopfloor space is still at a premium there are two more choices, a short magazine barfeed with a rear support unit to load material lengths of 1.5M or the short magazine barfeed to load bars which suit the lathe spindle length.


Based on a simple component on an 8 hour shift a saving of 1 second per component and 10 seconds on a barchange can add up to a saving of £2,200 per year so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the correct barfeed selection can pay for itself within a short space of time.

So a quick calculation tells you that less remnants and less barchangeovers equal the machine running for longer which in turn equals cost savings. Add to this the time taken to barchange and feed and now you start to realise just how much an Iemca barfeed can save you per year.

With the latest range of machines on the market today getting even faster, Iemca have kept up with the latest machine tools design and have dedicated the latest range of barfeed models with this in mind. The full length barfeed models incorporate faster feeding times and faster barchangeover times, and the short magazine barfeed also follows this path.


See for yourself how quickly you can save money with an Iemca Barfeeder by using our Iemca ROI Calculator. Select the barfeeder you’re interested in, then input figures that are applicable to your machining specifications to see how much you could be saving per year. The full range of Iemca Barfeeders are available on our site.


You can book a FREE onsite visit from one of our technical representatives, who can assess and recommend the best barfeeder for your requirements, by contacting us on 01725 512517 or enquiries@1mta.com.