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20th October 2017

Heavy Duty Rotary Tables

If heavy machining on a 4th axis application is required, the Kitagawa GT series of rotary tables are an excellent solution. High clamping torques, extreme rigidity, and fast operation are key features of the heavy duty GT series of NC rotary tables. Available in three model sizes with faceplates ranging from 200 to 320mm diameter, the units incorporate a novel piston design that delivers component clamping torques of up to 2,800 Nm.

Kitagawa GT Rotary Table

Kitagawa rotary tables can add a rotary axis to your current machining setup, effectively turning your three-axis machine into a four-axis machine, for a fraction of the cost of a new machine with comparable specifications. Your three-axis machine can have the same precision and performance as a four-axis machine, therefore raising versatility of production, reducing the number of seperate machining operations, and increasing the complexity of parts that can be produced.

Kitagawa’s GT series of rotary tables are through hole units capable of withstanding high cutting forces. Spindle rotation speeds of up to 41.6 rev/min for high speed indexing ensure the minimum amount of time is wasted on indexing, and the maximum amount of time is spent actually cutting. With a rigid body designed to minimise deflection under heavy loads, the pneumatically-clamped GT series incorporates integral pressure monitoring switches and Kitagawa’s multi-plate disc brake tehnology to consistently achieve extremly high clamping torques.

Furthermore, the double-lead worm gear drive ensures simple backlash adjustment, enabling it to maintain an absolute positional accuracy of 20 seconds of arc, with a repeatability of 4 seconds of arc. With all of these features working together, the heavy duty GT series can handle the heaviest machining conditions, allowing for much more aggresive stock removal, reduced machining times, and increased productivity.

See the GT in action

The Kitagawa GT series of rotary tables have been exhibited across the world. If you would like to see what they have to offer, please watch this short video:

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